Dr. Mahdi Alosert

Dr. Mahdi Alosert


Dr Alosert is an experienced Principal Hair Restoration Surgeon in the UK; with 27-year-Multicultural Medical Experience, having qualified in 1994; He is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine, an experienced Musculoskeletal Sonographer and MSK ultrasound Injection Therapist.

In France, where Dr Alosert trained, has been awarded 5 post graduate qualifications and selected a Consultant, about 20 years ago, in Emergency Medicine for one of the Biggest & Busiest University Medical Hospital in Europe “HEH University Hospital/CHU-Lyon”

His experience in Hair Restoration Field:

Dr Alosert Underwent comprehensive hand-on trainings in Hair Loss, Hair Restoration and Hair Transplant Surgical Procedures in one of the largest and most successful Hair Regrowth Centre in the UK.

Dr Alosert’s rigorous training in Hair Restoration Sector has been enhanced by his extensive experience in Emergency Medicine dealing with complex soft tissue/ skin injuries & his experience in Musculoskeletal Injection therapy.

Dr Alosert has been awarded a membership of the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals [FUE-Europe.Org]

By now he performed over 1200 Hair Transplant Surgeries including British celebrity clienteles.

Dr Alosert uses his years of experience to provide patients a complete Hair Restoration Treatment.

Dr Alosert’s passion, in performing highly professional Hair Restoration Surgical & non-surgical treatment, is well demonstrated by his willingness to use the most up-to-date techniques to achieve reliable, realistic & natural looking results.

In Dubai Trauma Centre which is one of the largest and advanced medical centres in the Middle East region with a JCI accreditation where Dr Alosert has used such experience to expand his multicultural professional experience in Emergency Medicine, managing extraordinary complex soft tissue injuries, established his Ultrasound guided regional nerve blocks core experience.

In Dubai/UAE, Dr Alosert has been nominated in multiple occasions to cover international Sport & Social events including Dubai film festival, Final Golf European Tour, Dubai World Cup Horse race, Dubai Auto-race, Beach Volleyball competitions, Dubai FINA Wold Swimming Championships ….etc]

In the UK where Dr Alosert has obtained 2 further post graduate qualifications to boost his knowledge and clinical skills in Emergency Medicine, in Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound & in MSK injection therapy.

Dr Alosert specialises in:

Scalp & Hair assessment aiming for a tailored treatment in corporation with highly experienced Trichology consultants.

Provide Pre and Post FUE assessment: rigorous follow-up.

FUE techniques including shaven & unshaven ones.

Natural Hairlines Restoration: design & establishment.

High density hair transplantation provided in one session, whenever suitable.

Afro-Caribbean hair restoration.

Eyebrows restoration [surgical and non-surgical treatment]

Facial non-surgical rejuvenation: injection therapy [PRP, i-PRF, Mesotherapy]

Scars revisions aiming for a safe & highly effective non-surgical treatment [injection therapy]

Musculoskeletal ultrasound guided injection therapy

Other interests:

Managing Soft tissues injuries.

Aesthetic treatment of different skin laceration & scars.

Ultrasound guided Regional nerve block.

Non-Surgical Liposuction (Vaser liposuction)

Thread non-surgical lifting (Face-Neck)

HIFU facial lifting (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment)

MSK Ultrasound private service.


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