Compact Laser Kit

Compact Laser Kit

We recognise that our Patients have busy schedules. It may be difficult to attend time-intensive treatments due to life commitments in our clinic. As a result of this we have the added custom built compact laser kit, as part of our Photo Diode Therapy. This will allow you to regrow your hair back and achieve great results.


Custom-made Compact Laser Kits are available as an add-on to our treatments. The Compact Laser Kit allows our Patients to have Photo-Diode session from the comfort of their own homes.

Compact Laser Kit is the perfect solution for all our patients who travel often and regularly. We provide our Hair Stimulation products in the pack, which operate in combination with the Compact Lasers and, when used accordingly, will ensure that your hair grows back thicker and with much more volume.

To ensure that this treatment will be ideal for you, we would need to conduct a check up on your scalp and evaluate the quality and condition of your Hair follicles.

We at My Hair Transplant clinics want to get your hair back to its optimum level, with our technical ability and experience we can ensure you are in very safe hands.

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