Mystic Messenger husbandos: ranked off worst so you can best

Actually ever surprise that happen to be the rationally most useful characters when you look at the Mystic Messenger? Better, there is no such as for instance list. However might have my checklist quite effective Esoteric Messenger husbandos, an email list invariably determined by my personal design inside guys while the means much loopy shite I’m happy to put with.

By the point you could woo Ray , one of the a couple guys of some other Tale, you recognize just who they are and you may what he or she is going by form regarding. He’s taken out of emotionally steady, having factors earlier their administration, yet not that does not quit their highway regarding getting unsettling. You can argue that you just for around understand what you will be signing up for while the some degree so you’re able to Ray’s benefit more than V, although not Ray is obviously an enthusiastic antagonistic reputation and it’s onerous so you can shake one.

There are more causes I find that Beam ‘s the poor husbando on record, not discussing her or him will be specific large spoilers. Just know that using the ‘electricity out-of love’ to save Beam of his circumstances is actually… not they, master. Sure, the majority of their maybe not-crappy endings provides your attending remedy and receiving medication, it nevertheless leaves a bad layout in my own throat. That dangerous endings in all probability want go-off cautions.

V, the contrary profile you can not romance right up until Other Story, won’t like you. Well, he will in the event you stroll an outrageously slim tightrope regarding selecting the best alternatives, not generally, he’s however crazy along with his dead partner.

It’s an effective disgrace, he is fairly sizzling hot and you may a musician. A few nice points to V’s work for. However, he is, eventually, stuck before and untangling each one of that’s difficult. It does not help that the harmful endings (that you’ll it is possible to look for) are very disturbing. Sorry V, I am unable to deal with all that.

Zen’s a little bit of an arsehole. The guy seems solely preoccupied with his looks and it is in fact annoying with him spam new chats with his fitness center and you can shirtless pictures. You are aware that is not appealing, cousin, correct? He has explanations to achieve that, not I can’t state I see her or him very powerful.

Including, his story spins bullet a female wrongly accusing Zen out of intimately bothering their. It goes regarding so it story that ladies accomplish that articles always to obtain something out of famous people, which is quite terrible. That’s even more towards developers than the profile, although not it’s taken off the most effective.


Jumin was chilly, aloof, wants pets, quite scorching, and you may flush which have money. What is actually never to love? Better, he could be distrustful out of ladies (to own fairly noticeable factors), therefore it is somewhat onerous in order to woo him. If the Jumin takes place to cultivate thoughts for you, he becomes higher than slightly unstable, changing into extremely obsessive and you may dealing with you need a pet, that is… unusual. But Perhaps the guy exclusively needed seriously to deal with kittens past so you’re able to today.

You’ll assist your really works by means of they by the insights his feelings and position the flooring and you may making it clear that it is not okay to deal with people by doing this – that’s an amazingly healthful foundation to own an otome online game. Do you actually gamble Amnesia: Memories, one which desires you to feel okay with certainly one of of several males placing your during the a canine cage? Yeah, no. Telling Jumin it is not okay just isn’t gonna secure you into the a nasty conclude, no matter if you might be light about any of it.

In the long run, you can spend time with a pleasant cat. So that no less than gets him a few factors more than Zen, who has got sensitive to help you kitties. Zen, you simply enjoys much planning opposition for your requirements.


Yoosung would-be the most wholesome of one’s Esoteric Messenger men, however safely, for every single men character in the games has many version of upheaval going on and you will he could be no exception. It’s apparent on the score-go that Yoosung has situation coping with his cousin’s dying, and you will rapidly links his feelings for your requirements just like the this lady “replacement”.

If you handle so you can love your he very quickly becomes compulsive and you may connected, not thankfully it’s in no way as much as various other letters wade and you can saying you simply’re not, in reality, his inactive cousin reincarnated becomes your to quit easily sufficient. Yoosung is certainly going by means of particular content, but not not nearly on the same phase just like the most of them characters, and therefore merely renders his roadway way less stressed. And you may exactly who in reality desires even more worry?


“Pardon me,” far too many people will state, “Jaehee isn’t men! How do you generate this lady good husbando?” Since the I could, ok? Let’s crack some gender norms, will i?

Jaehee features among essential relatable reports in video game – overworked and you may less than-preferred, this woman is the secretary so you’re able to Jumin, who may have a good workaholic and you may anticipates the identical regarding this lady. You are able to purchase the majority of the lady highway talking with the girl regarding desirous doing extra together lifetime. Should you everything correct, she quits their assistant put and you will opens a bakery. It’s so high. Realize your aims, sis.


Mystical Live messenger will not actually put any direct profile since the ‘lead man’, not really, Seven’s in all probability it. A few of the game’s ideal spot twists wanted beating his street so you’re able to discover, and typically, Eight could be one of the a couple of emails most entrenched which have all the things happening.

And you will, We mean, regardless of the people’s actually heartbreaking earlier and give hazardous profession, Seven’s a reasonably nice son. While it is apparent to all you to definitely their overly flippant character within this the latest cam area isn’t really their real character, Seven is within the avoid a fairly caring guy which can also be decidedly Maybe not erratic.