Inside sheer mathematics, brand new indications will be looks out of fictional and you can cutting-edge amounts

Thus giving it a definite advantage on conventional mathematics within the hyper-dimensional analyses but needs a major re-defining of your simple functions regarding arithmetic and algebra appropriate for the quantized truth

Inside our limited actual facts, mass and effort try quantized and you can mathematically comparable in accordance with Age = mc 2 , and size and effort move from higher-time countries so you can areas of down opportunity before combined regions have been in thermodynamic harmony. However, resolution of your EPR contradiction revealed that on quantum height, energy cannot manifest since possibly particle otherwise trend up until they has an effect on irreversibly abreast of a physical framework in a manner that normally become registered by the about consciousness off a keen observer as both wave or particle, depending upon certain ecological issues that will be controlled of the observer, given that demonstrated about twice-slit and you may put-off-choices tests. The way in which the latest phenomena regarding white powers relate genuinely to the awareness of your own observer relies on additional criteria as well as the condition of awareness of your own observer.

That it will bring us to the brand new interface of your own limited fact available in order to all of us from bodily senses, to the claims from understanding offered to you for the Endurance discussed inside the earlier blogposts within this show. Inside the sheer mathematics, and on the new understanding endurance, i stumble on symptoms of one’s lives regarding additional size not in the about three from area and something of energy of five-dimensional general relativity design. On the extension off people understanding, the latest indications was knowledge that have analytical paradoxes. Solution of a real analytical contradiction increases our fact.

In the course of employing CoDD quantum calculus reason with the expansion out of a keen n- dimensional domain out-of truth to help you an enthusiastic letter+step 1 dimensional domain name because of the rotation of your own nth measurement and you can orthogonal projection toward letter+1 dimensional domain, a statistical logo out of an actual physical process that I name dimensional extrapolation, at least four most finite size is indicated past three off space and something of energy of the appearance of cutting-edge wide variety that will be consecutive ancient sources from unity. This type of cutting-edge origins away from unity are definitely the best gadgets from dimension necessary to hook up longer finite dimensional insights mathematically, and you may dimensional extrapolation is actually analogous to your means of limited understanding extension that we proficient in the favorable Pyramid out of Ancient Egypt.

In future listings I hope to explain this type of analogies between bodily, statistical, and consciousness processes next, and you will talk about particular standard apps of steps and you may conclusions displayed on this page and you may explore information for upcoming look.

My first effect was: Absolutely whoever got take a look at the early in the day eight postings in this show will have a sufficient concept of what these acronyms suggest or could have attained their definition away from framework. Then i realized that I became and come up with perhaps one of the most first errors commonly created by a few of the reduced-than-elite mathematics educators We derided regarding 3rd paragraph of past post (Region 8), I became and in case continuously. For this reason, in this article, I am providing the pursuing the grounds of those acronyms for many more intellectual clarification within variety of listings.

Brand new statistical process of rotation and you can projection out-of an letter-dimensional website name into an enthusiastic n+step 1 dimensional website name. Which analytical procedure pertains to application of a good generalization of your Pythagorean theorem, and you will instantly defines might device off dimensions throughout the letter+step one dimensional domain, in accordance with the basic equipment out-of dimensions on the n-dimensional website name. I to begin with idea of that it while the an analytical malfunction of one’s spinning projection off understanding I’d this year regarding the Great Pyramid.

We have been usually advised you to education features changed, and that there was more understand now than when our very own grandparents were more youthful. But once We look at the direction thing in public education, the thing i see is much more and more outline that’s thoroughly inadequate except into the really slim aspects of specialization. I mennation see that the current math kinds much more on precisely how to fool around with a pc than simply ideas on how to consider. Important cause will not seem to have any place in social degree. My mom, father, and grandparents, who were born and was born in the fresh new backwoods of the Missouri Ozarks, no authoritative degree not in the eighth amount, was basically better to during the important thought and you will troubleshooting than of many people which have BS, MS, and you can PhD after their names. What makes this? The dumbing off and you can thin specialty off public and today, also individual studies contained in this country. Whenever anyone who pays new proscribed percentage is offered a qualification otherwise knowledge if they master the information presented or perhaps not, and you will a sophisticated training mode a jumbled notice with increased and even more thin detail which have much less compound, you’ve got a menu having emergency.

They grabbed many years of studies and several skills off lengthened understanding during the NDEs and OBEs in my situation to see what size is. The way is actually cutting-edge, however in the finish, the outcome is actually that will be easy. Size is the latest measurable connectivity ranging from mathematical ease and you may difficulty, fundamentally top back to convenience once again. They’re also the latest connectivity ranging from humdrum lives and amazing feel from facts, enabling you to definitely return to this new ease of oneness. Dimensions delineate this new path in the distinct separation regarding quantized truth with the infinitely continuing truth away from conscious enlightenment.

To help you paraphrase Albert Einstein: proportions is allege zero lifestyle of their own, they are simply architectural top features of the fresh new distribution of one’s thickness of the good-sized world of facts.

Dimensional domain names which have no, one, or two proportions, was archetypes of your own analytical framework away from Top Consciousness. They truly are conceived emotionally, and you may represented with the an item of report, but don’t exists when you look at the real reality as they have no ability to include quanta of your own substance from reality.

For that reason, CoDD study, because it applies to bodily facts, begins with n = step three, the original dimensional website name that can contain volumetric structures off bulk and effort

In this post, I would like to elaborate into the motif of your early in the day half a dozen posts: The fact sheer mathematics, natural research, and you may person consciousness all are merely different aspects of the identical thing; and is, you to definitely, given that individuals, we are signs regarding reality seeking experience alone during the screen involving the quantized actual world and the infinitely continued substrate of Cosmic Awareness. As limited conscious beings, i stand on brand new threshold of infinity. Summarizing the last article: Real paradox ‘s the 4th particular report, the analytical same in principle as the third cause of unity, i.elizabeth., the fictional count, therefore the door so you’re able to understanding expansion one provides us to the newest Endurance of the last county out of understanding.

There has to be a broad law away from relativity you to definitely relates the fresh new actions of your own faraway famous people into regional inertial source physical stature of one’s aware observer. To phrase it differently, local bodily guidelines try individually related to, and you will determined by the large-scale structure of the universe. – Ernst Mach