Even after the not enough ample lifestyle, dimensional domains communicate loads of meaningful factual statements about bodily, intellectual, and you may religious fact

Thanks to this, they are worth outlined analysis and you will data. Check out of the things the true CoDD study away from TDVP shows from the dimensional domain names:

Elizabeth. Schwartz and you may M

During the domains having step one owing to 3 size, distances was mentioned, and you may phenomena is described, with regards to integer multiples regarding Real (quantum equivalence units) of the CoDD. Nonetheless they need to be mentioned and you can revealed with regards to integer multiples out of fictional number inside domain names which have cuatro using six size, as well as in regards to integer https://www.datingranking.net/gaydar-review multiples away from particular state-of-the-art quantity, referred to as nth root out of unity, during the domain names having eight or maybe more size. This unitary move from integers so you can fictional numbers, in order to cutting-edge number was statistically very important to a regular quantized dysfunction of rotation and you may projection of geo-centric dimensional domain names into hyper-dimensional domain names. Evidence of this is exactly seemingly upright-submit with the CoDD and you will application of the brand new Pythagorean Theorem. The newest Research, interpreted towards traditional easy statistical notation, might have been typed in several guides and you will paperwork, some of which try listed in one or two blogposts: Recommendations . We name the entire process of rotation and you can inflatable projection from one dimensional website name towards the 2nd one, Dimensional Extrapolation since it reveals ways each other consciousness and actual truth grow.

Last year, the initial CoDD analysis I did so, playing with Real quantum arithmetic, was to explain in more detail the combination out of quarks in order to create protons, the fresh sandwich-atomic organizations one, including electrons, function all stable building blocks of your own absolute issues of occasional desk. What i found, try stunning, even though something such as it should was in fact asked throughout the minute We included consciousness from the concept of the basic huge difference of one’s number 1 calculus when you look at the 1986 to possess application at the quantum measure of physical facts. That advancement is actually the presence of multiple situations away from True units out of non-bodily gimmel in the centre out of bodily facts, an unquestionable sign off consciousness – practically the new fingerprints from Goodness appearing toward extremely numerous secure object of the actual market, the new proton. Select footnotes actually Starts with Awareness, Neppe and you can Close (2011) and you will my part from the AAPS Regularity We, basic model titled Are Understanding Top? Modified from the Drs Grams.

Triadic Rotational Units off Equivalence (TRUE) are discussed of the bulk and you may volume of this new 100 % free electron, attaching the latest quantum math of your CoDD to help you bodily fact, and you can Dimensional Extrapolation is actually a mathematical process analogous towards the aware movement, of the rotation and you may projection, off an letter-dimensional domain toward an enthusiastic n+step 1 dimensional website name. The appearance of gimmel regarding the CoDD Genuine analysis of your own combination of two up-quarks and another down-quark to create an excellent proton, including links the study to awareness, providing a foundation to your integration regarding consciousness, spirituality, and actual truth.

H. Woollacott (2019)

Dimensional domain names are geometrical habits that originate about analytical framework out of consciousness and have now zero lifestyle of one’s own. A website is set by level of dimensions must explain it, nevertheless number of dimensions plus the extent of them proportions are entirely influenced by the new domain’s blogs out-of bulk, energy, and gimmel. From inside the services to explain relativistic consequences, physicists and research writers usually establish space or spacetime getting warped, curved, or distorted because of the mass. But there is no such thing since bent otherwise altered area, time, spacetime, otherwise one hyper-dimensional area. Curvilinear paths regarding swinging stuff are caused by the shipping regarding the fresh thickness from compound contained in this a website. This is really what is identified inside the modern physics since the a beneficial community.