Afro Hair Transplant


Patients with Afro hair suffering from hair-loss do not think they are suitable candidate for a hair restoration procedure because of their distinct features. This is a old myth. In fact, the curly texture of Afro hair gives patients a surgical advantage, it creates the appearance of more density, so it actually takes fewer hair grafts to achieve visible results.

Here in our clinic, we can help you restore your hair using our complex and advanced technology. Our experts will guide you through the process of getting you hair and confidence back!!

My Hair Transplant Clinic guarantee that each one of our patients see the best possible results.

Let us help you achieve great results through our technical excellence and years of experience with Afro hair, we can ensure you satisfaction to the highest quality through our expertise gained over the years.

We have number of locations across the UK which can cater for you, please leave your details for us to contact you and advise you best possible action.

Please leave your contact details in the free consultation box and we will be calling you soon .


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